May 19,2015 Booster Club minutes...

KP FFA Booster Club
Meeting was held at KP LGI and called to order at 6:36pm, by Eddie 
In attendance were:   David Allen, Sarah Cantu, Lisa Gallaway, Eddie & Amber 
Elliott, Jennifer Browning, Che’ Jackson, Brenda Lascano, Randy Jumper, Brian 
Jones, Kevin McCarty and Deana May
 Eddie welcomed everyone and thanked them for being there.
o He went over the Agenda ( mainly the Budget)
o We have $21,244.01 in account as of May 12, 2015
 Board wants to BC to purchase Sound System/Lighting 
 We have a $1,000 misc line item
 July – Spend $8,300 on State Convention
 Insurance with district $115
 Exemption with district $100
 August- spend $5,000 on National convention
 September- spend $1,500 on Blue and Gold Blowout
 Ice Cream social $55
 October- Humble Concessions buy in $1,500
 Troop FFA Shirts
 November – LDE completion $270
o Without a fundraiser, we will have $1,804.01
o Brenda L made a motion to accept budget and Amber E seconded, 
until we realized we needed more votes.
 Eddie asked if we can vote to amend the By-laws 
o Article IX Section 5: Quorum – as of right now our By-Laws say we 
have to have 51% of active members present to have a quorum 
 We would like it to say: 
o Artice XII Section 3-Removal of an officer- 
o Sept/Oct we are having an over 21 fundraiser, Advertise with the 
community Possbily at the May’s place
 Looking at Pulled Pork with sides and Alcohol sales with 
 If we have 200 come it could be between $4,500-5,000
 Also have our FFA kids volunteer to babysit for those 
families that couldn’t come due to babysitter issues 
(at each families house)
o Blue and Gold Blow out at the May’s place in September
o February the Spaghetti dinner
o Yard Signs and Decals for sale
 Talked about kids making animal signs for sale and then 
personalizing them
o Would like to participate in 4th of July Parade with possible sponsors 
with signs for sale for community on float, would also give them an 
ad in Humble program
 App’s are a YMCA  
 Need a committee
 Place signs on Candy for advertising for future events
 Blue and Gold Blow out:
o Greenhand parents and kids to get some education
o Need a security team to not allow kids to come and go
o School will be back up
o Che’ Jackson to help with Education
o Trying to put link on FFA site with school
o Want to get some frig magnets to give to members of BC 
 Thinking of locker decorations and how we can get those done, possible 
to only give to those kids whose parents have paid for membership
 Want to get a square for CC payments
 Kevin McCarty said he is giving some of the Flag money to BC to help 
fund the State/National Conventions
 Sarah Cantu needs help with communications if anyone can help her.
 Deana talked about needing help with Humble CO-OP for program 
committee, they meet once a month for about 30-45 minutes; we need two 
people to help with this committee
 Kevin would like for us to have silent auction items at banquet 
o Possible Ag mech to build some BBQ pits to sell
 We Need a Committee Chair for the 4th of July float ASAP
Deana and Sarah will get together to email all active members (list given by 
Lisa G) to vote on the amendments from this meeting.  We need a quorum 
and can use email as a form of voting.  All votes will come back to Sarah 
and Deana for counting.

2017-2018 Booster Club Officers

Charlie Martin, President

Randy Jumper, 1st Vice President

Lisa Adams, 2nd Vice President

Jennifer Goode, Treasurer

Joy Johnston, Secretary

Cyndy Brehmer, Historian

Mabel Love, Communications

Kimberly Kurtz, Co-op Rep