Feb. 2 2016 minutes

KPark FFA Booster Club February Meeting


February 2, 2016
The KPark FFA Booster Club meeting was called to order at 6:31pm by Vice President Kevin Blair.
There were 15 members present; Mr. McCarty was also in attendance.
Deana May read the minutes of the December meeting.
Dianne Powell gave the treasures report as a $3,691.65 balance as of today.
* The Progress Show was a success; we didn’t have the numbers from KHS as to what was spent and made.  Thank you to ALL Volunteers who helped.
Officer Nominations will be on the front tonight, and will be voted on April 5, 2016.  We really need freshman and sophomore parents to please get involved.  It was asked for a Greenhand person be added to the Board, and how do we get that done.  Kevin M. explained why/why not have one.  He will try and have a plan to help Greenhands for future years.     
Kevin M. also mentioned he is trying to have a “Meet the FFA” with middle school parents and students to help them understand what they are getting involved in.
Chey Jackson was the contact for the Blue and Gold blow out and thinks we should have a Greenhand committee- for the parents.  There are 120 FFA members with 95% of those raising animals; Ms. Guy and Mr. McCarty try their best to get to every email, text and phone call they receive quickly.      
                Chris Smith talked about having a Species parent.
                We all agreed to table this for a future meeting.
Eddie Reed asked if we were going to get a Restroom (Port a Potty) at the barns. McCarty said he would have a district person at the next meeting to ask that question.  Most likely we will have to pay for the potty.
Senior Breakfast was a success.  Thank you to Deana and Lesley May and Debbie Blair, who made this possible.  Cindy Stokley made an incredible breakfast, Along Ms. Smiley for speaking with us on life.
We need volunteers to help work Humble Rodeo Concession and Program sales, please sign up or just show up.  This is our biggest fundraiser for the year.
We have the Spaghetti Dinner scheduled tentatively for April 10; a reminder 101 will go out to let you know final details.
There will be an electronic newsletter that will be going out in the next few days, please check your spam for it.
Humble Livestock Show is this week.  If you have a steer please buy Blooming Secret all other animals please go to Parker’s Feed store for the Kool-Aid to give your animals.
There will not be a March meeting.  See you April 5, 2016.
Meeting adjourned at 7:44pm


2017-2018 Booster Club Officers

Charlie Martin, President

Randy Jumper, 1st Vice President

Lisa Adams, 2nd Vice President

Jennifer Goode, Treasurer

Joy Johnston, Secretary

Cyndy Brehmer, Historian

Mabel Love, Communications

Kimberly Kurtz, Co-op Rep