Blue and Gold Blowout

Bring your own chairs, so you can get comfortable...Burgers and Hotdogs will be served

There will be 50/50 raffle with proceeds to benefit state convention.


September 17th .

Welcome to the Blue and Gold BBQ. 
The Blue and Gold BBQ held at the beginning of the school year is open to all our greenhands for a part day of learning and games, Then afterwards all ffa members as well as parents are welcome to the BBQ and dance.
It is a great day for everyone to introduce themselves, see new and old friends and learn what is in store, as well as fill the bellies with some great food. We will be cooking burgers and hotdogs
More info on this years date and hope to see you there.


In addition to the Kids we are possibly looking for parents to attend there own introduction meetings running at the same time as there kids. There is a massive amount of information to get so don't be behind in whats going on. Plan to attend this event as well.



2017-2018 Booster Club Officers

Charlie Martin, President

Randy Jumper, 1st Vice President

Lisa Adams, 2nd Vice President

Jennifer Goode, Treasurer

Joy Johnston, Secretary

Cyndy Brehmer, Historian

Mabel Love, Communications

Kimberly Kurtz, Co-op Rep