04/05/2016 16:52
KPark FFA Booster Club February Meeting   February 2, 2016   The KPark FFA Booster Club meeting was called to order at 6:31pm by Vice President Kevin Blair. There were 15 members present; Mr. McCarty was also in attendance. Deana May read the minutes of the December meeting. Dianne...
10/20/2015 15:56
9-8-15 Kp FFA Minutes.docx
06/07/2015 15:16
KP FFA Booster Club   Meeting was held at KP LGI and called to order at 6:36pm, by Eddie    In attendance were:   David Allen, Sarah Cantu, Lisa Gallaway, Eddie & Amber    Elliott, Jennifer Browning, Che’ Jackson, Brenda Lascano, Randy Jumper,...


08/30/2016 12:50
www.humbleisd.net for the support of KPARK FFA......www.Bad-companyevents.com  For Our DJ'ing and BBQ needs....www.snapon.com For there generosity with prizes and support......www.uti.edu For there excellence in continued learning......www.samsclub.com/ has joined the sponsor list for the...


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