Just something i've noticed over the years with Mr. McCarty if you are asking him a questions and he looks at you or doesn't, but his response is ya,yep,uhhuh then he didn't hear anything you said. So if you are waiting on him to do something make sure his response to you is actually a sentence and reinerate it again later because he probably already forgot.

This is nothing against Mr.McCarty he only has 150 kids to attend to, as well as there parents and there animals... So we understand but just wanted you all to know something i've seen over and over. LIke he says when he gets somewhere he has a few task in his head and thats all he concentrates on until there done, so if you see him and need something watch him carefully don't interrupt, but when he starts to head back to the gate to leave then charge. LOL.  

Eddie Elliott


Lactic Acid "Stress Gene"

I want to touch on lactic acid build up. This is reffered to as the "stress gene". I'll touch more on that phrase later.This gene really plagued us this year. So what is this stress gene? In all our stock animals this can occur, the stress gene is the over production of lactic acid. So lets begin.

Whether you show cattle, hogs, sheep or goats you want more muscle and you need the right kind of muscle to get into the champion drive. 

Skeletal muscle contains two general types of muscle fibers. Type 1 also called slow twitch muscle fiber are the fibers that are slow to fatigue and important if you are a long distance runner. Type 2 are called fast twitch they fatigue quickly and produce lactic acid and are important for sprinters. 
In the early part of exercise the fast twitch muscles are the most active and as lactic acid starts to build up you feel the "burn" and the slow twitch fibers take over.  
If you do long durations of exercise consistently your muscles begin to favor the Type 1 slow twitch fibers. There is nothing wrong with that but it does not work well for show stock. 
Think about it this way if the exercise program favors the Type 2 fast twitch muscles you or your livestock will have a look closer to an NFL running back. 
If your exercise program favors the Type 1 slow twitch muscles the end result looks more like a marathon runner. 
Obviously the look we are after in all species of show stock is a lot closer to the running back than the marathon runner.

So what does this mean, well lactic acid is what creates that burn feeling, muscle cramps, muscles locking up so if we have an over build up of this lactic acid then we have a problem. The stress gene creates an abundance of this acid in a very short time. Visual effects you will see of this in your animals is the inability to walk, they will lock up and lay down, scream, stop eating, etc....

Unless you truely know the genetics of your animal and if the sire or damn carry this gene, then you may be dealing with this gene.

Good news is there are ways to help minimize the effects and that is the reason I wrote this blog. I want to see all your children have the very best chance and winning the purple and getting in that sale ring.

I'm going to talk science here and elements that we can use.

Octacosanol does two things to help you get the look and the performance you want. First, octacosanol improves the ability of the muscle to metabolize and get rid of the lactic acid. Lactic acid is what feeds the Type 1 muscle fibers. 
Getting rid of the lactic acid increases the amount of time your stock can exercise before activating the Type 1 fibers. 
The second benefit is by improving the muscle fiber metabolic activity endurance is greatly increased. That means your lamb, goat, calf or hog is going to drive flat out longer than the competition. 
Those are the reasons that octacosanol is one of a handful of performance supplements that are listed in the US Navy Seal Fitness Manual. The Navy Seals use it because it works and it will give you the competitive edge in the show ring. 

There are other triggers for thie lactic acid build up, feeds, stressful situations, lack of a slow build to extreme exercise. Take it easy and build up to a more rigorous program.

So what are some products that carry octacosanol trueglow from true north technologies as well as power fuel from purina show products.

Another product that can help is as simple as includding 2 tablespoons of baking soda a day which is a biocarbonate used to buffer the lactic acid in the muscles. 

So what if you have a lactic acid moment "stress" well believe it or not vinegar or often used pickle juice to help neutralize, calm them down and it makes the animal thirsty because water is the best thing for the animal at this time. There are also medical treatments that can be given but lets not get to that point.

Understand this, it's a serious issue that can really hurt your chances and create terrible times for you.

By Eddie Eliott

thanks to Dr. David Farnum an amazing show animal vet.



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